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Interior Selections


Whether you are remodeling or custom building, we’ll begin the design process with an in depth conversation to identify your style, goals and create a vision. From there I’ll go to work pulling together preliminary selections for basically everything in your home that won’t fall out if it’s turned upside down. 

We’ll discover samples and finishes and images of selections that inspire and excite, curating time and again until you are thrilled with the results. 

The ideal time to get started on selections and finishes is as soon as the floor plan is finalized.  This will insure that we have plenty of time to pull everything together and incorporate it in the architect’s documents before construction starts.  This will save you lots of time and money in the long run and keep construction rolling along.    


Working with Your Architect and Builder

I work right along with your architecture team ensuring that proportion, space planning and functionality are optimized. I oversee the design of: ceiling treatments, window treatment pockets, functional lighting, cabinetry, doors, ironwork, baseboards, crown moldings and all other decorative architectural elements. The exterior materials like roof, stone and decorative stone are also part my design process alongside the architects. These steps ensure your home is well integrated with a cohesive design on the inside as well as the outside.

I will work with your Builder or Contractor to ensure the selections are communicated before they are needed and the designs are implemented as planned. Making site visits enables me to help guide the installation process, like making sure the tile work is laid according to the documented layouts and the ceiling fixtures are hung at the perfect height.



The best time to start the furnishings process is once we get the interior selections well established. We begin by examining your existing pieces to help us determine a budget and layout. I select, customize, procure and manage the installation of all furnishings and window treatments. By looking at options, showrooms, fabric swatches and finish samples we will make decisions that will complete the vision of your home in harmony with the rest of the design.

Art, accessories, bedding and plants are the home stretch. Starting on these while furniture is in production ensures that you have a house that feels like home as soon as possible.



Once we have met in person to discuss the project and I have a good sense of design direction and overall budget goals, I’ll be able to prepare a proposal for your consideration.  I provide a complete project package to help you control your budget and we can build on to the package as needed. I am flexible in my work approach and strive to accommodate your needs as possible, with the goal of creating a very personal statement together and having some fun along the way.